Kate + Craig

Where do I start with Kate and Craig? I’m going to break convention and start at the end. I know that it’s neither proper nor prudent to publicly play favorites in the hallowed halls of the Steve Z wedding blog, but I just can’t help myself. The joy in my heart is bursting through my pores, and I cannot help but sing in the streets. Kate is now my second favorite bride ever, all because she showed up on the cruiser ride and gave me margaritas. She probably would be first, except that it’s pretty much impossible to beat a bride on skis. There, I said it.

A dramatic mountain wedding portrait on the rocks with a view of snow capped mountains in Boulder Colorado

My non-love affair with Kate began at the Hotel Boulderado in the presidential suite. Things started out normal enough, with some classic getting ready shots with her bridesmaids. But then something shifted. What’s that you say Kate? You have a pair of wedding heels, but you’ve decided to wear your old pink Converse All Stars instead?

A bride decides to wear pink Chucks on her wedding day

That decision was no big deal. You get bonus points with this guy for decisions like that. I was wearing black Chucks after all! We forged ahead with documentation of the day and capturing great moments with friends and family.


The historic Hotel Boulderado is a classic location to begin a wedding day in Boulder. The vintage red velvet curtains and furniture make for an elegant background for wedding details and bridal portraits. The flowers by Boulder Blooms were stunning as usual.


I will say that Kate was a little nervous with the bridal portraits at first. This is despite growing up with a lens constantly pointed in her direction thanks to her photographer father. I like to think that this next moment was the one that officially broke the ice. Bad Ass.


After the getting ready portion was done, we prepared for Kate and Craig’s First Look. Remember Craig? This is a story about Kate and Craig.


Real moments, real memories, right here on Steve Z TV.


The wedding ceremony was to be held at the Sunrise Amphitheater, which overlooks Boulder from high up on Flagstaff mountain. We made a quick photo pit stop at an overlook point for some incredible scenic mountain wedding portraits overlooking the Continental Divide and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. As usual, the clouds were amazing and I used powerful off camera lighting to increase the drama. Kate increased the drama tenfold by looking absolutely fabulous in her gown from Boulder Bridal.


Sunrise Amphitheater is one of the most stunning ceremony sites in Boulder,  featuring sweeping views of Boulder, Denver, and Green Mountain. As a photographer, I love this venue for the ability to roam 360 degrees around the couple to capture the best moments and expressions from the couple.


Despite my goofing around about being funky cool favorites and all, these guys are the real deal. They seem like the perfect match, and their touching ceremony showed how truly in love they really are.


Before the ceremony, I noticed that there were no clouds when facing east. I really wanted some clouds in The Kiss shot which would point in that direction. I told my assistant that some clouds needed to fly over that spot. Well, here they are. I am the Cloud Whisperer.


After the ceremony, we headed down the hill and back to the Hotel Boulderado for the reception. I was excited to drive right past Chautauqua in favor of capturing portraits in the infinitely unique locations available in downtown Boulder.


Hard sun is a way of life in the high desert of Colorado. Most people think that overcast skies are desirable for wedding photography, but I couldn’t disagree more. It is true that overcast skies provide even light, and tame harsh shadows. But the light is so flat and boring! Strong direct sun is not something to be feared, but something to be understood and tamed. I will choose the increased contrast and drama of bright sun over washed out cloudy skies any day.


There was even an awesome tandem bicycle bride and groom on top of the wedding case. Infinite Steve Z bonus points achieved.


“Hey Kate, I need a detail shot of the penny-farthing bicycle on Craig’s tie.”


We took a break from the hot dance party action at the reception to cool off in the night air. This couple even indulged me in some gratuitous night portraits on the street in front of the hotel.


Kate and Craig’s wedding had all of the elements which make my job a pleasure. Stunning locations, lots of laughs, wedding cake, and most importantly, a truly inspiring love relationship that can inspire us to believe that dreams really do come true.


Wedding Vendors

Venue .:. Hotel Boulderado .:. 303-440-2894

Gown Boutique .:. Boulder Bridal .:. 303-443-5500

Florist .:. Boulder Blooms .:. 303-494-5678

Cake Artist .:. Nancy’s Best .:. 303-946-9816

Musician/DJ .:. Tip Top Entertainment .:. 303-579-0255

4 thoughts on “Kate + Craig

  1. I couldn’t agree more Steve, what wonderful pictures and a perfect couple for sure; but then again Craig and Kate are my son and daughter-in-law. Thanks for capturing their magic.

    Gaynel Daugherty

  2. Weighing in from the bride’s side…agree totally. Awesome wedding, day, couple, photographs! Thanks for capturing the memories, Steve. Margaret (MOB)

  3. This is wonderful! Definitely an awesome wedding. Love the pictures and love you Kate and Craig! It makes me so happy looking at these pictures and thinking back to what a great time it was.

  4. These are fabulous photos…great scenery and of course a gorgeous couple! Wonderful reminder of a fun and memorable weekend.

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