Aimee + Alex

Welcome my friends to the last wedding blog of the 2010 season! I’m wrapping things up with a super fun Halloween themed wedding at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Aimee and Alex are from Manhattan and planned their unconventional destination wedding around the annual Shining Ball at the hotel.  While the wedding was not a costume event, many of the details and styling revolved around the haunted holiday.  Also check out my sneak peak of Aimee and her bridesmaids in the hallway like the little girls in the Shining HERE.

Alternative wedding dress hangs in a doorway and heirloom rings on a windowsill

Orange and green high heel shoes for the bride and the bridesmaids sit in the window sill

Bridal bouquet with purple flowers sits in a windowsill with a mountain view of Estes Park

Bride poses in the stairwell at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

I’m loving Aimee’s vintage style and unconventional wedding dress!

Black and white natural light bridal portraits at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

Alex brought a little humor to the First Look shot!

Humorous first look photo where the groom crosses fingers hoping that his bride will arrive

Wedding Party Photo in front of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

I put the city folk to the test, and brought them out for a little rock climbing near the hotel. How else are we going to get epic Colorado mountain shots that you are going to tell your kids about?  Mother Nature put us all to the test, and threw some 40 mph wind gusts at us!  It’s only a good story if you almost die, that’s what I always say.

Bride poses like Marilyn Monroe on the rocks above Estes Park Colorado

Bride and groom sit on a rock in front of a scenic mountain landscape in Estes Park Colorado

Pet cemetery!

Bridal Party Poses for a haunted wedding Halloween photo in a pet cemetery graveyard

Inspired by the group shot in The Shining. Where’s Johnny?

Large wedding group shot at the Stanley Hotel like in the Shining movie

Halloween wedding cake with Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein on top

Bride sings to groom at wedding reception at the Stanley Hotel

Bride and groom hug after musical performance at her wedding reception

Champagne sloshes in clinked glasses of bride and groom during the toasts at the wedding reception

Tender heartfelt moment during mother-son dance at the wedding reception

And here we are with the final shot! I wanted a long exposure night shot with some ghostly multiple images of the couple. Well, really I needed another take to get the composition perfect, but we were short on time and I only got one take!  I’m still going to include it even though it doesn’t quite meet my perfectionist standards!  Well, with tears in my eyes, I bid weddings farewell until 2011. Thanks for reading.  Steve Z out.

Long exposure night shot of the bride and groom in front of the Stanley Hotel

Wedding Vendors

Event Coordinator .:. Estes Park Wedding and Event Planners .:. 970-584-9771

Venue .:. The Stanley Hotel .:. 970-577-4003

Florist .:. Kim and Company .:. 970-577-1621

Cake Artist .:. Kelley Kakes .:. 720-982-5471

Musician/DJ .:. Top Hat Entertainment .:. 303-469-8928

3 thoughts on “Aimee + Alex

  1. Beautiful shots. I love the one of them sitting on the rock where you can see that his socks match her shoes. They’re adorable.

    The Stanley is such a stunning location. My family was there last month. The Music Room is my favorite.

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