Schmitz Family – CU Parents Weekend Family Portraits

Straight out of the gate I’m going to acknowledge that these aren’t the most wild and crazy photos that I’ve ever posted! But this is the kind of solid family portraits that real clients want, so I thought that it’s deserving of a post!  The Schmitz family came to Boulder to visit their daughter at the University of Colorado Parents’ Weekend.  With the fall colors in full effect, it was the perfect time to head up to Chautauqua for some Flatirons mountain shots.  For the first shot, I wanted to capture the brilliant yellow foliage in the background. The key to this shot is using a lighting setup to put great light on the family’s faces.

Group family portrait in Boulder for the University of Colorado Parents weekend

Next we wanted to get a photo with a mountain view. Unfortunately the traditional Flatirons view is horribly backlit in the afternoon, so we shot with the sun towards the north. I used my lighting to provide some fill on their faces to lessen the harsh shadows from the sun.

Posed family portrait at Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado with a scenic view of the mountains

Finally, I wanted to get some more casual and fun portraits. Shooting with the strobes at high power means that I can’t shoot in rapid fire mode. So I finished up shooting with backlit natural light. This way I was able to have even lighting on their faces, yet also shoot in continuous mode, thereby capturing the best expressions. In the end, we were able to capture 3 distinctly different looking shots in the same area. After the group shots we went on to capture some individual shots that are similar to my usual style. Thanks for reading!

A father and daughters group portrait in the backlit field of Chautauqua Park Boulder Colorado

A mother and daughters pose for a casual group portrait in the backlit field of Chautauqua Park Boulder Colorado

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