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Summertime is upon us, and it’s time to rock out my first mountain wedding of the year on the Steve Z Photography Blog. Jenny and Matt tied the knot on a spectacular June day at the Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, Colorado. People often assume that I must shoot the same venues year after year, but in actuality, I will be visiting 59% of my 2011 wedding sites for the first time. This useless statistic is great news for me, since I love the excitement of seeking out creative new locations to photograph. The Perry Park Country Club exceeded all expectations, and provided a stunning backdrop for scenic wedding portraits and a lakeside outdoor ceremony.

Bride and groom pose in front of the scenic landscape at Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur Colorado

Jenny and Matt chose to start their wedding day with a First Look, thereby leaving plenty of time for artistic wedding portraits. I was searching around the grounds of the club for a suitable location, when I noticed the groomsmen practicing the Arch of Swords Ceremony. I asked the commanding officer if we could do the First Look under the swords, and my request was granted! This was a unique first for me, and I love the resulting series of images.

First Look before a military wedding ceremony

Unique first look under the military arch of swords at a wedding

The moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time during the First Look

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer in Colorado is that I have the opportunity to capture wide open western skies filled with dramatic clouds. Often times it appears as though the day is going to turn into a washout, but it never does after I do my special No-Rain Dance. I look a little bit like Elaine from Seinfeld when I’m in the middle of it, but we won’t get into that right now. Here we can see how my special jig has parted the clouds and is allowing light from the heavens to shine down upon Jenny and Matt.

Amazing break in the clouds reveals blue sky and light shining down on a wedding couple in Colorado

The gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony was held on the deck of the country club of the shore of a mountain lake, with a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains and some unique red rock formations. This was truly a picture perfect wedding venue.

Using a 45mm Tilt Shift Lens to make the wedding party look miniature during the ceremony

A Groom dressed in white military uniform smiles at his bride during the ceremony

I have shot military weddings in the past, and each time the Arch of Sabers Ceremony has been a little bit different. This time, the couple had to kiss before they were allowed to pass through each pair of swords. In general, I’m a big fan of dangerous items at a wedding, including swords, giant sparklers, and wild packs of raging golf carts.

A newly married bride and groom kiss under the arch of swords at their wedding ceremony

I did mention a raging pack of golf carts, right? 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

The bridal party drives a parade of golf carts around the lake at Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, Colorado

After the ceremony, the entire wedding party headed out to the other side of the lake, where the golf course lies between unique spires of red rocks. In addition to the rock formations, there were also lush green grassy fields and groves of trees to play in.

Perry Park Country Club Wedding Photos

Bridal Party Photos on the Golf Course in the Red Rocks

A bride smiles at her new husband in a grassy field in Colorado

Using the tilt shift lens during the wedding portraits to create increased depth of field

A bride and groom dressed in a white military uniform pose in a grove of trees in Larkspur Colorado

A sweet moment during the father daughter dance during a wedding reception

Everyone made it back to the wedding reception safe and sound and no golf carts were lost in the lake. There were laughs, tears, and tender family moments. It’s pretty rare that I get to witness a good old fashioned wedding cake face smash, but this was one of those humorous days!

A bride and groom smash the wedding cake in each others faces at their reception

It is every girl’s dream to catch the bouquet, thereby signifying that they will be the next to get married. Well, maybe not every girl.

A funny bridesmaid expression during the wedding bouquet toss

Thanks for reading my latest wedding blog story. Check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Jenny and Matt’s wedding photography, where Jenny will Sport The Dress one more time, when she goes tubing in Boulder Creek in her wedding dress!

Sunset over the lake at Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur Colorado

Wedding Vendors

Venue .:. Perry Park Country Club .:. 303-681-3305

Gown Boutique .:. Schaffer’s Ultimate Bridal .:. 303-759-0440

Florist .:. More Flowers .:. 303-477-0947

Musician/DJ .:. A Music Plus .:. 303-426-9990

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