Angeline + Kevin

Destination Wedding Photographer Unique Photo on the Beach in Cape Cod

I’m finally blogging Angeline and Kevin’s fantabulous New England destination beach wedding! I met Kevin a couple years ago at Anna and Mike’s wedding in Boulder. We all wound up hanging out post-wedding at Conner O’neills. He’s a bit of a photographer himself, and has been blog stalking me ever since! I even sold him some gear when I switched from Canon to Nikon. I say that he’s “a bit of a photographer”, because well, he IS still shooting Canon! But I digress…

What a super day we had at the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club! The weather was almost perfect, with clear blue skies and a bit of wind. Despite ruining my hair, the wind made for some nice drama in the photos. This was also the first wedding that I’ve shot in my bare feet, which was awesomely novel. The seafood, the party, the scotch selection, and the after party were all a glorious success. Quite possibly my favorite part of the trip, was the cultural experience of New England Beach Fashion. Next time I shoot a beach wedding around those parts, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there wearing my Nantucket Red Whale Pants!

Wedding bouquet on a bench and wedding table flower arrangements in vases

Bridal Portrait taken in the reflection of the porch doors at the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club

Portraits of the groom on the patio of the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club on Cape Cod

Portrait of a little boy in a pink tie at a wedding showing his reflection in the windows of a door

Groom sees his bride walk down the sandy aisle of a beach wedding on Cape Cod

Sheer fabric on the altar blows in the wind at a Massachusetts Beach Wedding

A woman sings during a wedding ceremony on the Beach in September on Cape Cod

A flower petal in the sand and the windy first kiss at a beach wedding in Massachusetts

Kevin and Angeline on their wedding day in Chatham Massachusetts

Creative composition of a bride and groom standing behind a cool tree on Cape Cod

Bride and groom climbed up into a unique tree on Cape Cod

New England wedding portraits of a bride and groom on the beach with perfect evening light

Unique portrait of a bride and groom at their New England Destination Beach Wedding

Wedding Shadows On The Dunes

Romantic Sunset walk on the beach wedding photos

This is how all couples pose for wedding photos at New England Beach weddings . . . right?!?!

Satirical and funny cheesy wedding photo

A bride teases a groom, placing the cake on his nose

Black and white first dance photo at the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club on Cape Cod

A funny black and white photo of a baby in her mothers arms at a wedding reception on Cape Cod

Wedding Vendors

Venue .:. Chatham Beach & Tennis Club .:. 774-571-0318

Musician/DJ .:. Pressure Cooker .:. 781-205-9415

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