Maloney Family .:. Portraits

Now that the wedding season is winding down, I’ve been enjoying a change of pace with my photography work.  I’ve been having a great time working on the portrait side of the business.  Today we have some fun shots taken from a shoot with the Maloney Family.  I enjoy taking spontaneous and creative photos that capture the essence of who these girls are at this point in their lives.  Milk mustaches are cool!

The results of this capturing of these little characters runs the full gamut.  From a young girl busting out her best senior portrait pose at age 9, to another child in the midst of an uncooperative meltdown at age 4!  I love the pouty face behind the horse; it cracks me up every time!

Another great thing is shooting in the middle of a favorite activity!  When the paints come out there is certainly going to be fun to be had!

Especially when we get to face paint on Mom!  Now here is something that doesn’t happen every day, that’s for sure!

Finally we have an action sequence of a cartwheel.  I love motion and spontaneity!

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