Emma and Jasper .:. Engagement Portraits

Prepare to bathe in the glory of my most marvelous engagement shoot ever! That may sound over the top, but all the credit goes to Emma and Jasper and the fun energy that they put into this shoot. They hung out and watched me roll all over the ground and contorting into weird positions, and never once did they even make fun of me.  We got so many winners that I’m going to post way too many, and I still won’t be able to show you all the ones I like.

We set out from my photo studio on a fine spring afternoon to cruise around the side streets and alleys of Boulder, looking for cool locations to shoot artistic compositions. I was filled with fresh new inspiration from my recent photo workshop. Without any particular plan in mind, we were able to uncover new spots like an anthropological expedition. Not too many people have probably ever seen this old wall mural, I know I’ve never noticed it before, as it’s hidden behind some very old trees!

Most of these shots were lit using my DIY beauty dish mounted on a light stand. I always try to keep my lighting subtle, so that you can barely tell that I’m even using it. Some people say, “I could have gotten that shot with natural light!” Hmmm. Maybe. But the illumination of the leaves behind the couple, and the accent light on the sides of their faces that separates them from the background really makes this next shot for me.

And now the fun begins! I don’t remember exactly how the subject of handstands came up. But I managed to figure out a hidden talent of Jasper’s and exploit it to the fullest. Love it!

There is a portion a photo shoot that is for the clients, and their friends and family. These are the safe shots. The traditional smiling at the camera, the capturing of the love the couple has for each other . . . then we have the shots for me! The shots for me are the ones where I try to push my creativity, and to express my quirky sense of humor. I crack myself up! So laugh with (at?) me while you enjoy the next 3 shots, taken with the funniest lens ever, the 45mm tilt-shift.

At this point the shoot was over, and we were heading back towards the studio, to meet up with Emma and Jasper’s baby boy, Judah. When we arrived, Judah was still half asleep from his nap, and hungry to boot. He wasn’t feeling quite up to his full baby modeling potential, I’m quite certain. Undaunted, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get a few shots of the whole family. Because sometimes I take shots for grandparents as well. :>)

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