Tracy and Cotton .:. Wedding

Cotton and Tracy kissing in the middle of the street on their wedding day in Boulder, Colorado

I’m back after a long blogging hiatus to bring you my favorite images from Tracy and Cotton’s wedding. This is my second photo session with these guys, as I also captured their engagement photos on a historic farm earlier this year.

We begin their day in downtown Boulder at the Hotel Boulderado. When I first showed up to capture the getting ready preparations, I noticed a particular gag gift lying on the floor of the bridal suite. It turns out Cotton’s father presented him with a ball and chain the night before the wedding. Well I’m not a photographer to let a good prop go to waste.

Cotton with the old ball and chain on his wedding day at the Hotel Boulderado

Tracy gets ready for her wedding at the Hotel Boulderado

Tracy's summer wedding bouquet by Painted Primrose

The ceremony was held at the scenic Sunrise Amphitheater up on Flagstaff mountain high above Boulder.

Cotton and Tracy exchange vows at Sunrise Amphitheater up Flagstaff Road

After the ceremony, we took some time for creative wedding portraits before the reception at the Rembrandt Yard. We toured some of Boulder’s iconic locations, such as the Bandshell, the Boulder Creek Path, and the formerly-known-as-Trilogy wall.

Tracy and Cotton at the Boulder Band Shell on their wedding day

Cotton and his groomsmen take a leap at the Boulder Band Shell

Cotton and Tracy reflected in Boulder Creek on their wedding day

This image is a Photoshop composite, just in case you were wondering.

Cotton and Tracy share a kiss on their wedding day on the streets of Boulder

I would normally be really sad that there was no wedding cake at this reception. In this case, there was reason for rejoice, and that reason was flambeed donuts! What could be more decadent than a donut grilled in butter? Well, let me tell you, a donut grilled in butter and covered in flaming booze, that’s what.

Flambeed donuts for dessert at the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder

This image is not a Photoshop composite, just in case you were wondering. Sometimes, late at night, I delve into mad rocket scientist mode. This is one long exposure, with 3 flash exposures captured using the repeat mode on the flash. How many of you photographers out there have ever used that feature?

Tracy and Cotton dance on their wedding day

Some wedding photographers believe that they need to be like little mice at a wedding, barely seen and never heard. Those photographers clearly don’t know how to party.

Steve Zdawczynski dances with the bride

Final shot of the night … Tracy and Cotton rocking their reception on the top floor of the Rembrandt Yard. I went the extra mile and stood out in the street in the rain to get this shot! That’s my dedication to the craft, always going the distance to provide my clients with unique images and captured moments that they will cherish forever. Thanks guys, it was a fabulous day and a memorable party.

Tracy and Cotton in the window at their reception

Wedding Vendors

Venue .:. Rembrandt Yard Gallery .:. 303-301-2971

Florist .:. Painted Primrose .:. 720-280-8409

Caterer .:. Catering by Design .:. 303-781-5335

Musician/DJ .:. A Music Plus .:. 303-426-9990

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  1. I too like to become a mad scientist in the late hours of a reception, and have used the multi flash setting. These are some great shots Mr. Z and that is a scientific fact : )

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